Taco Truck

Lately we have been making the most of the good weather by eating outside. To maximize the time we walk up to the park behind the Capital Building where the vendor trucks are. The nice thing about going here is that you can try a different “restaurant” every time. And while hot dogs seem to abound, you can also get bbq, gyro, or something healthy. (Ha ha.)

Despite having to listen to the women behind us talking about using Excel for web development (!) it was a pretty good time.

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Carmine’s Brazilian Grill


Carmine’s Brazilian Grill recently opened on lower Sheridan Avenue, where the Big House used to be. (Yes, I just dated myself.) It doesn’t look like much from the outside. Inside is very cozy, with low lighting, wood tables, and really good music.

We had a big party, nine of us in all, and they put us at a giant table in the back corner. Carmine himself showed us to our table, they brought the chef out, and she handled our food allergies. Our server took our drink orders and we hit “the starter bar.” A dozen different salads (harari potato and asparagus, Mediterranean chick peas, lettuce wedges), a variety of soups (veggies, meat, seafood), and jalapeño cornbread.

On the table were four “sauces,” a green mojo sauce (lime and cilantro?), a special salt, roasted spanish tomato salsa, and molasses and barbecue sauce.

We tried numerous meats. A few chickens, including one wrapped in bacon. Lots of marinated things, including pork and turkey loin. A beef filet. And somereally good chorizo.

Despite rumors about customers being able to borrow an iPad to tweet pictures of their meals, I only glimpsed a device once. I think we all had a great time.

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The Patio at Olde English

Today we took advantage of the stunning weather and had lunch outside. We went to the Olde English Pub & Pantry and enjoyed fish & chips, toasties, and meat pies. There was some conversation about work, corrupt cops, and … getting too much exercise.

The patio out front is really nice. It is right next to Broadway, Clinton Ave, and the off-ramp from 787, but you’d hardly know it. They have some black tulips and big red umbrellas.

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Food Trucks!

Despite busy schedules, four intrepid lunchers headed up the hill to enjoy the vendors gathered in the park behind the capital building. It was a bit cold, but it’s obvious we’re hungry for summer.

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Four indecisive people braved the miserable conditions to go to the Victory Café for lunch. Rumors of an Irish holiday inspired corned beef and cabbage, but there were also burgers and shepherd’s pie. Conversation had way too much work in it, but also featured marijuana, prohibition, tv shows, kid’s movies, the movie rating system, and, of all things, guns. (Insert Tim Allen grunting here.)

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City Beer Hall

A good time was had by all six attendees of this week’s eating meeting. We walked 0.4 miles to the City Beer Hall, which some people said was too far. They recently revamped their menu, and we were excited to check it out.

We sat at a large wooden table. The tables by the fireplace were crowded. We ordered fries, mussels, truffled mac and cheese, burgers, and shepherd’s pie. There was much excitement, and a little sharing of food.

Many people were so impressed that they proposed we rename the club the Z5 City Beer Hall club. I, on the other hand, would like to remind everyone that the purpose of Lunch Club was to socialize with co-workers while exploring lunch spots that are new to us. But this isn’t a democracy, so people are free to do as they please. That said, y’all can vote on where we go next week. I nominate the newly relocated “lunch.”

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Next Eating Meeting

This Friday we’re going back to the Olde English Pub & Pantry. We had a good time the last time we went there.

Please note this establishment is cash only.

Pearl St. Diner

Because of meetings, we had a small turn-out today. We braved the wintry conditions and walked to the Pearl St. Diner for lunch. They were packed when we got there, but we only had to wait a few minutes for a table. There were, we think, only two servers, and they were busy. We ordered salad, sandwiches, soup, and mac and cheese. The service was quick, and there were no complaints about the food. The bill was pretty cheap, too. Definitely a good spot.

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Eating Meeting Seven. Ish.

I have already lost count!

Tomorrow, Friday, we’re going to the Pearl St. Diner. Assemble noonish, in the usual location. We’ll be walking. It might be raining. Cash makes it easier to pay.